Lotfi Abdelli

"Lotfi Abdelli"

Lotfi Abdelli


Lotfi Abdelli is an actor, dancer, and choreographer. He studied modern dance at the conservatory of Tunis and has worked with the National Ballet and National Theatre of Tunisia. He has written and staged works of dance and theatre, has performed in television films and sitcoms, has moderated television shows, and acted in numerous short and feature films. Among these were four films by Nouri Bouzid, the director of MAKING OF - KAMIKAZE, which is to be shown at a school screening at this year’s festival as well as in Saarbrücken and Freiburg in Abdelli`s presence. 

Abdelli has received numerous honours for his performances in this and other feature films, at film festivals in Ouagadougou, Tunis, Taormina, Valencia, Tribeca, and Delhi. Despite this international success, like director Nouri Bouzid, Abdelli has become a target of fundamentalist Islamists in Tunisia who have had a hostile reaction to the film MAKING OF - KAMIKAZE, and have not shied away from staging attacks on his work and preventing his shows to go on. 


Making Of (2006): Actor, Guest