S. Pierre Yaméogo

"S. Piere Yameogo"

S. Pierre Yaméogo


S. Pierre Yaméogo was born 15 May 1955) is a Burkinabé. He has directed six films since 1987. His film Delwende Delwende was screened in the Un Certin Regard section at the 2005 Cannes film Festivalwhere it won the Prize of Hope award. (Wiki)

Yaméogo divides his time between Ouagadougou and Paris, where he has created his own production company, Dunia Production. Dunia has produced films by various African filmmakers including Dani Kouyate, Guy Désiré Yaméogo, and Missa Hebie.


Wendemi, l'enfant du bon Dieu (1992): Direction, Screenplay

Delwende (2005): Direction, Screenplay, Producer

Silmandé - Tourbillon (1998): Direction,

Keïta! l´heritage du griot (1995): Producer

Réfugiés mais humains (2007): Direction, Camera

Moi et mon blanc (2003): Screenplay, Direction