Nasib Farah

Nasib Farah

Nasib Farah


Nasib Farah was eleven when he came to Europe as an unaccompanied minor and illegal refugee, fleeing the civil war in his homeland, Somalia. He now lives in Odense and works with young Somalis in Denmark through his various media projects: “It is important to me that we do something about the isolation that many Somalis in Denmark feel. We also need to address the angry young men who let themselves be recruited by al-Shabaab. I know several of them personally. I went to the same youth club as Abdi, who killed himself and medical students in a suicide bombing in Somalia. I remember him like a lost younger brother. My background and my life are very similar to his. When we were young, we went out together, we had fun together, we were far from extremists – as far as one could be. But  like  so  many  other  young  people  in  Denmark  with  a dark  complexion and a foreign-sounding name, they too felt unwanted and out of place. All humans have a fundamental need for acceptance and belonging. This is why they were susceptible to al-Shabaab.”


LOST WARRIOR (2018): Direction, Guest

14. Afrika Film Festival - Eröffnung / Opening / Ouverture : Guest

Krigerne fra nord (2014): Guest, Direction