Patrice Bart-Williams

Patrice Bart-Williams


As the son of a German mother and a father of Sierra Leonean origin, Patrice Babatunde Bart-Williams was born in Cologne. He directed the short film and also wrote the music for it. Patrice was already performing on stage before he left school (as a support act on Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation tour) and set off on the road to international success with his first EP. His music ranges from soul, blues and funk to rebel punk and reggae, and his 8th studio album “Life’s Blood” is to be released this year. Patrice has been the star attraction at many large festivals and FilmInitiativ is delighted that he, along with his sister Mallence, has taken on patronage duties for the 14th African Film Festival in his home city of Cologne.


14. Afrika Film Festival - Eröffnung / Opening / Ouverture : Guest

THE RISING OF THE SON (2015): Screenplay, Guest, Direction