Fatima Sissani

Fatima Sissani


Fatima Sissani was born in Algeria and has lived in France since she was six. After studying law, she opted for a career in journalism. She has produced interviews and reportages for the independent radio station Radio Zinzine as well as portraits and documentaries for the France Culture radio channel. She also worked for a city magazine during this time. In 2011 she shot her first documentary LA LANGUE DE ZAHRA which explicates the importance of the Berber language in the Kabylie region and in migration. She has already been our guest at various festivals in Cologne. This year, we are glad to have her as patron of the festival. She will present the film screening and the workshop about Frantz Fanon and the documentary NARDJES A. Her film LES GRACIEUSES (2014) will be screened in our online program.



RIH RABANI (2018): Guest


LES GRACIEUSES (2014): Guest, Direction