Kollo Daniel Sanou

Kollo Daniel Sanou


Born in Ivory Coast, Kollo Daniel Sanou studied at film schools in France from 1976 to 1979. His first short film Beogho Naba, shown at the FESPACO film festival in Ouagadoudou in 1979, won him a special award. In 1983, also at FESPACO, he received for his first feature film Paweogo the award named after the director Oumarou Ganda for the best feature film debut. In 1992 came Jigi, hope, an internationally acclaimed short feature (52 minutes) about the problems that farmers experience in Saharan Burkina Faso. FilmInitiativ screened it in Cologne the same year at Out of Europe III. In 2005 followed Tasuma about a former colonial soldier in the French army who has to fight to receive his pension in some unusual ways. It took the Audience Award at FESPACO. At FilmInitiativ’s invitation Kollo Daniel Sanou showed his film as part of the launching of the book “The Third World in the Second World War” in Cologne. At this year’s festival he is presenting his most recent multi-award-winning feature film Le poids du serment. It deals with the theme of the assault on traditional religions in West Africa by Christian fundamentalists.


Tasuma, Le Feu (2004): Direction

Le poids du serment (2009): Direction