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Name: Chef!

Country: Kamerun

Year of publication: 1999

Format: 16 mm

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 61 Minuten

Direction: Teno, Jean-Marie

Screenplay: Teno, Jean-Marie

Editing: Badgley, Christiane

Actor: Beti, Mongo; Njawe, Pius; Ongbatik Njawé, Jeanne


A documentary chronicle of the trials and tribulations of daily life under a dictatorship.
"During the month of December, 1997, I witnessed several troubling events in Cameroon: In my village a young boy was nearly lynched by a mob-people`s justice in a lawless state. I went to a wedding and learned that, by law, the husband is the ruler of the family. A highly respected journalist was imprisoned without a trial for writing an article about the health of the president.
Initially these incidents seemed unrelated. But as I tried to understand them, to see them in the context of a number of disturbing tendencies in Cameroon today, I saw they were all linked to the generalized problem of the abuse of power in an authoritarian society.
CHIEF! brings these seemingly discrete events together in a personal reflection of the current state of Cameroonian society with its hierarchies, inequalities and lack of respect for human rights-all the by-products of a dictatorship.
" (Jean-Marie Teno)
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