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Country: Schweden

Year of publication: 2015

Format: digital

Color: color

Language : OF m. dt. UT

Duration: 27 Minuten

Direction: Berhe, Senay; Goitom, Teddy; Taft, Benjamin

Guest: Goitom, Teddy


Welcome to the new, creative Africa! The documentary series AFRIPEDIA dispels common clichéd ideas of Africa and depicts the continent`s avant-garde side in five episodes. Artists from Senegal, Ivory Coast, Angola, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa present photography, fashion, design or music from an innovative perspective. Heavy metal in South Africa, transsexuality in Angola, trendy fashion in Senegal and feminist projects in Ghana - AFRIPEDIA shows us Africa`s arts scene in a refreshingly different light. The film offers insights into the dreams and future plans of young people in a rapidly changing continent.
Initiated by the Swedish production company Stocktown Films, AFRIPEDIA is a community project made up of writers, filmmakers and artists. These include Teddy Goitom, who has lived and worked in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sweden among other places, and who produced the series with the motto "Welcome to creativity! Welcome to AFRIPEDIA!"