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14. Afrika Film Festival - Eröffnung / Opening / Ouverture


Name: 14. Afrika Film Festival - Eröffnung / Opening / Ouverture

Guest: Ellerson, Beti; Ellong, Francoise; Blecher, Sara; Farah, Nasib; Mac Granaky-Quaye, Nancy; Kibinge, Judy Nini; Bouzid, Leyla; Bart-Williams, Mallence; Bart-Williams, Patrice


Films, international guests and live music by the SISTERS

The 2016 festival will be opened by Mallence Bart-Williams and her brother Patrice, who take on patronage duties this year. They will also use the occasion to present their short film THE RISING OF THE SON, which they shot together in Sierra Leone, with Patrice as director and musician, and Mallence as producer.
International guests whose films will be screened at the festival and who intend to attend the opening event in Cologne include Leyla Bouzid (Tunisia), Sara Blecher (South Africa), Françoise Ellong (Cameroon), Nasib Farah (Somalia), Teddy Goitom (Ethiopia/Sweden) and Judy Nini Kibinge (Kenya).
Writer, filmmaker and blogger Beti Ellerson (USA), whose work has concerned the role of women in African cinema for many years, will introduce this year`s theme SISTERS IN AFRICAN CINEMA.
All-female band SISTERS will provide the perfect musical accompaniment. The band members are: Onejiru (Hamburg), Nicole Hadfield (Mannheim), Mamadee Wappler (Cologne) and Meli Wharton (Düsseldorf), supported by Robert Nacken (Cologne).