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Country: Kenia

Year of publication: 2013

Format: DCP

Color: color

Language : OF m. dt. UT

Duration: 85 Minuten

Direction: Kibinge, Judy Nini

Screenplay: KIROGA, MUNGAI

Camera: Edward, Yinka

Editing: Krämer, Christian; Wachira, Justin

Sound: Lempert, Matthias

Actor: Wanjiru, Susan; Lagat, Walter

Guest: Kibinge, Judy Nini


Kenya, 2007: the contested and controversial presidential elections lead to violent clashes. Hired by power-hungry politicians, groups of unemployed youths maraud around the country. More than 1,200 people die and 300,000 are displaced, including Anne. Following the unrest, she awakens in a hospital and discovers that her life is in ruins: her husband is dead, her son is in a coma, and her farm was burnt to the ground. Yet she returns to her remote patch of land to attempt a new beginning. But Joseph, a member of the deadly gang, still lives in her neighbourhood.

Judy Nini Kibinge explained her intention with the film: “Anne’s story is the story of all Kenyans after this violent time. At some point, she realised that she could not simply forget about all that she experienced, but rather she had to deal with the causes and remember to find a way to keep living.” The film has been considered for awards at festivals in Rotterdam, Chicago, and Toronto.