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And there in the Dust



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Name: And there in the Dust

Country: Südafrika

Year of publication: 2004

Format: DVD

Color: color

Language : OF engl.

Duration: 08 Minuten

Direction: Newton, Lara Foot; Marx, Gerhard

Screenplay: Newton, Lara Foot

Camera: Mac Person, Fiona

Sound: Petrak, Jim

Actor: Le Maitre, Martin


With the sensitivity to respect the mutilated victim of baby rape by mixing stop-start animation with real people, Lara Foot Newton and Gerhard Marx`s short film has limitless ambition and a surreal imagination.
Based on true events in South Africa in 2001 when a nine month old baby was found raped and murdered, And There In The Dust resembles a visual poem, beautifully rendered by Mncedisi Shabangu`s spoken narrative ("Nothing ever happens here. The sun is always looking at us - The Big Boss"), accompanied by imagery from the dreamscape of a child.