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Country: Mosambik/Guinea-Bissau/Katar/Portugal/Frankreich

Year of publication: 2018

Format: DCP

Color: b/w

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 90 Minuten

Direction: João Viana


Lucy is hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital in Mozambique. She dreams about her little son, Hanic, and her husband, Pak, who is a soldier of the war. Lucy’s musical virtuosity attracts the attention of the hospital nurses. Rosa, an envangelical priest of “Rádio Moçambique”, goes to the hospital to listen to Lucy’s song. Lucy takes this opportunity to run away from the hospital. Alone in the big city, with nothing else besides the pieces of her own bed, and struggling to find Hanic, Lucy looks for the radio’s head office. Rosa confesses to Lucy that she’s nothing else but her chauffeur’s (Muxanga) prisoner. Lucy, with the help of Muxanga finds Hanic. Muxanga tries to terrorize Lucy, but little Hanic stands up to his mother and defeats Muxanga. Lucy and Hanic travel all over Mozambique in search of Pak. They cross the river heading the war. In the Infernal Club Muxanga kills Hanic. Pak shows up and kills Muxanga and a bird appears in place of Hanic’s heart.