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Les yeux bleus de Yonta



Name: Les yeux bleus de Yonta

Country: Guinea Bissau

Year of publication: 1992

Language : OF m. dt. UT

Duration: 90 Minuten

Direction: Gomes, Flora

Screenplay: Gomes, Flora

Camera: Gentil, Dominique

Editing: Paris, Dominique; Fernández, Anita

Sound: Donnadieu, Pierre

Actor: Marta, Maysa; Dias, Pedro; Mendes, Antonio Simao; Seidi, Mohamed Lamine


A beautiful, intelligent and flirtatious young girl, Yonta, is secretly in love with a friend of her parents, Vicente, a hero of the war of independence. Vicente ignores her passion and she is not interested in the love of a young man who sends her anonymous love letters. An endearing, moving story, whose real hero is the city of Bissau, capital of Guinea-Bissau. (Africultures)