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Name: Zambezia

Country: Südafrika

Year of publication: 2011

Format: BluRay

Color: color

Language : dt. Fassung

Duration: 80 Minuten

Direction: Thornley, Wayne

Screenplay: Murray, Kiel


Kai the young falcon loves adventures. When he hears about the fabled city of Zambezia, situated next to a majestic waterfall deep in the heart of Africa, there’s nothing that can stop him from upping sticks and going there. Against the will of his father, Kai flies off to join the Hurricanes, who keep Zambezia safe and who are considered the best flyers in Africa. In the meantime, Kai’s father falls into the clutches of the scheming rock monitor Budzo, who is plotting an evil attack on Zambezia. Now Kai has to avert the danger and prove not only that he’s a worthy member of the Hurricanes, but that he’s a member of the great bird community of Zambezia, who can only foil Budzo’s evil plan if they work together.
Against the imposing backdrop of the mighty Zambezi, ADVENTURES IN ZAMBEZIA is a story about the courage of an individual and the strength of a large community in a fantasy bird paradise.