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Country: USA

Year of publication: 2017

Format: DCP

Language : OF m. dt. UT

Duration: 72 Minuten

Direction: Vincent Vittorio Asher Emmanuel

Guest: Asher Emmanuel


More than 12 million people worldwide live in refugee camps. The term “warehoused” refers to the asylum seekers who are held captive at border camps for five or more years, without the right to work, generate an income, move freely or choose their place of residence. WAREHOUSED takes an intimate glimpse into the lives of those living within the Dadaab camp in Kenya – the largest refugee camp in the world. The personal stories of the refugees and UN employees help to paint a picture of the life within the camp. The film highlights the increasingly important role that aid organisations, host countries and countries of asylum play in the lives of the millions of people who face a daily struggle to find a place they can call home.