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Wadaan oummahat



Name: Wadaan oummahat

Country: Marokko

Year of publication: 2007

Format: 35 mm

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 110 Minuten

Direction: Ismaïl, Mohamed

Screenplay: Ismaïl, Mohamed; Danan, Reine

Camera: Blanco, Ivan Oms

Editing: Amrioui, Meryem

Sound: Chlih, Najib

Actor: Samuel, Marc; El Ouali, Rachid; Amidou, Souad


Mohamed Ismail`s Goodbye Mothers, expected to spark controversy in Morocco, dares to depict the peaceful co-existence in 1960s Casablanca of two families - one Muslim and one Jewish - during the historical period known as the "Black Years of Emigration," when there Moroccan Jews faced a pervading sense of hesitation between two conflicting desires: remaining in Morocco or uprooting themselves to emigrate to Israel.