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Six Fables a l’usage des blancs en Afrique









Name: Six Fables a l’usage des blancs en Afrique

Country: Elfenbeinküste

Year of publication: 1998/2000

Language : OF frz.m.dt. UT

Duration: 37 Minuten

Direction: Gnakouri, Claude; Marquès, Luis

Screenplay: Gnakouri, Claude; Marquès, Luis

Camera: Caillargeau, Pascal

Editing: Boutillier, Bertrand

Actor: Gallibert, Arnaud; Nahounou, Mathurin; Sollo, Soro; Soro, Wayata


(1) White men fun (6 min.)
A small village lost in the middle of Africa. In the face of approaching death, an old man decides to gather everything he has in order to purchase a sheep and offer it as a final sacrifice…
(2) Fortune trophy (5 min.)
A young European man is running a marathon in the African wilderness. He passes a quiet old tribesman resting in front of a sacred stone. Kindly requested to help the native to gather some wood for his family, the white man refuses claiming that he doesn’t have time. The African wishes him luck for the competition…
(3) Cheetah kittens (6 min.)
In an attempt to prepare the ground for an upcoming famous car racing competition, two white businessmen choose the ideal village for a stopover. They believe they can bribe the natives again with a few good words and petty gifts. But the Africans are prepared this time…
(4) Babadi’s gift (6 min.)
Franck, an European botanist working in Africa for an international organization, falls deeply in love with a young and beautiful native woman. His wife and baby daughter are packing up to go back to Europe, expecting him also to return. He tries to tell his wife, over the phone, that he wishes to stay.
(5) Scoop (4 min.)
A journalist and his cameraman are covering a bombing in an African town. A young woman, carrying a baby in her arms, tries to run across a bridge which is under constant fire. The cameraman does not dare to interfere.
(6) Scriptures in the wild (10 min.)
After several days of tracking in the wilderness, a priest and his African translator reach a small isolated village. They intend to bring the sacred word of God to these so-called ignorant natives. But the locals are not that easy to convert.