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Name: Rengaine

Country: Frankreich, Algerien

Year of publication: 2012

Format: Blue-ray

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 75 Minuten

Direction: Djaïdani, Rachid

Screenplay: Djaïdani, Rachid

Camera: Boeuf, Julien; Djaïdani, Rachid; El Dib, Karim; Vaynblat, Svetlana

Sound: Becker, Nicolas

Actor: Dazi, Slimane; Hamida, Sabrina; Soo Mongo, Stéphane; Morato, Nina


Paris, today. Dorcy, a young black Christian, wants to marry Sabrina, a young North African. It would be a simple matter if there would not be the fact that Sabrina has 40 brothers and that this easygoing wedding has crystallized a taboo still rooted in the   mentalities of the two communities: no marriages between Blacks and Arabs. Slimane, the elder brother of Sabrina and guardian of traditions, will oppose this union in every way possible. Rachid Djaïdani mother is Sudanese and his father is Algerian. He  has always heard them say how they were both hurt, how she was rejected by the Arabs and he had to put up with French  people‘s comments, that is why he decided to make this kind of film. He was developing this film over nine years and won e.g. the Cineeuropa Price at the Lissabon & Estoril Film Festival and in Cannes 2012 the Price “Directors fortnight”.