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O Espinho Da Rosa (The Thorn of the Rose)



Name: O Espinho Da Rosa (The Thorn of the Rose)

Country: Guinea Bissau, Portugal

Year of publication: 2013

Format: Blu-ray

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 97 Minuten

Direction: Henriques, Filipe

Screenplay: Henriques, Filipe

Camera: Marques, Bruno

Editing: Mestre, Miguel

Actor: Abril, Ricardo; Batista, Ady

Guest: Henriques, Filipe


“Beware those who leave unresolved issues with the dead”, reads a line over the description of this fantasy film on the producers’ Facebook page. And just as mysteriously begins the tale of the successful state attorney David Lunga of Guinea-Bissau, whose life goes off the rails when he falls in love with a beautiful but unapproachable woman. What secrets is she hiding? Reality and fantasy, past and present soon begin to mix for the attorney, and he sees himself confronted with demons from his own youth. This tension-filled thriller about love and hate, friendship and revenge was honoured as best feature film at festivals in Angola (2013) and Zanzibar (2014).