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Omar m'a tuer



Name: Omar m'a tuer

Country: Marokko; Algerien; Frankreich

Year of publication: 2011

Format: Digital

Color: color

Language : OF m. dt. UT

Duration: 85 Minuten

Direction: Zem, Roschdy

Screenplay: Zem, Roschdy; Bouchareb, Rachid

Actor: Podalydès, Denis; Bouajila, Sami; Bénichou, Maurice


Marseille, 2 February 1994. Omar Raddad, a Moroccan gardener, is sentenced to 18 years for the murder of a wealthy widow for whom he was working. During the investigation, numerous elements seemed to indicate that the inspection had not been done properly. The alteration of the date of the victim’s death, untaken fingerprints on the crime scene, the sudden suspicious incineration of the victim’s body, the disappearance of a witness that could have helped Omar... However, all these elements combined were not enough in the eyes of a legal system revealed as self-satisfied, incapable of admitting its own errors, and to no small degree, racist.
In 1994, a journalist convinced ofRaddad’s innocence started to defend his case. Together they investigated one of the most shocking miscarriages of justice of the last 20 years in France. Their conclusion is that there are two justices, one for the powerful, one for the poor. The captivating court thriller is based on a true story. The script is based on the books of Omar Raddad and journalist Jean-Marie Rouart who tried to proof his innocence.