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Nous aussi avons marché sur la lune



Name: Nous aussi avons marché sur la lune

Country: Kongo; Algerien

Year of publication: 2009

Format: BetaSP

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 16 Minuten

Direction: Bakupa-Kanyinda, Balufu

Screenplay: Bakupa-Kanyinda, Balufu

Camera: Pulinckx, Olivier

Editing: Recchia, Marc

Sound: Nouyrigat, Marc

Actor: Kabongo, Dorcas Mbombo; Kalala, Jean Goubald; Malonda, Virginie


The year 1969. Kinshasa, Congo. On July 21, the Apollo 11 is going to land on the Moon. Tanga and Nika, husband and wife, wait for Sister Mwezi to spend a “Moon” evening with Nika’s brother Muntu-wa-Bantu. However, the nun does not appear. The Moon is full. Muntu-wa-Bantu holds the transistor radio up to his ear as he stares at the Moon. He wants to see the first steps of mankind on the Moon for himself. But no matter how long he stares, he cannot see what they are saying on the radio. Can the Moon be that far away? That night, Muntu-wa-Bantu decides that he too will walk on the Moon.