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Pacha Pictures


Name: Microphone

Country: Ägypten

Year of publication: 2010

Format: 35mm

Color: color

Language : OF arab. m. engl. UT

Duration: 120 Minuten

Direction: Abdalla, Ahmad

Screenplay: Abdalla, Ahmad; Yahia, Haithem

Editing: Saqr, Hisham

Sound: Mustafa, Ahmad Saleh

Actor: Abol Naga, Khaled; Shalabi, Menna; El Lozy, Yousra; Adel, Hany; Magdy, Ahmad; Yousef, Atef


Portrait of the alternative arts and music scene in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria, which shortly after the film’s completion became an important centre of resistance against the dictatorial Mubarak regime.
After several years in exile, Khaled returns from the USA to his hometown Alexandria in Egypt. A lot of things have changed since his departure. Diving into the varied underground scene of Alexandria, he gets in contact with young musicians, artists and ideas. Thrilled by the sense of hope among these young people he tries to support them as good as he can…
Although the film tells a fictional story, the protagonists play themselves. Their impressive musical and political graffiti give an authentic insight into the art and political scene in the Egyptian city that was one of the most important centers of the insurgency against the Mubarak dictatorship.