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Name: Mandabi

Country: Senegal

Year of publication: 1968

Color: color

Language : OF m. franz. UT

Duration: 90 Minuten

Series: 18. Afrikafilmfestival

Direction: Sembène, Ousmane

Screenplay: Sembène, Ousmane

Camera: Soulignac, Paul

Editing: Kikoïne, Gilbert; Saldinger, Max

Actor: Gueye, Makhouredia; N`Diaye, Ynousse; Niang, Isseu; N`Diayes, Serigne


An unemployed African man, Ibrahima, lives with his two wives and kids. A nephew of his sends him a money order from France worth 25,000 Francs which he has saved from working as a street sweeper. He is to keep some of the money for himself, save a portion for his nephew, and give a portion to his sister. However, Ibrahima faces numerous difficulties with the Senegalese bureaucracy in trying to cash the money order. The film explores themes of neocolonialism, religion, corruption, and relationships in Senegalese society.