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L'opéra du bout du monde



Name: L'opéra du bout du monde

Country: Madagaskar

Year of publication: 2012

Format: Blu-ray

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 96 Minuten

Direction: Paes, Marie-Clémence; Paes, Cesar

Camera: Paes, Cesar

Editing: Paes, Marie-Clémence; Paes, Cesar; Contensou, Agnes

Sound: Mathé, Gabriel


“Maraina” is the title of the first opera ever composed and performed on one of the islands along the East African coast of the Indian Ocean. It tells the story of twelve people, ten Malagasy, two French, who landed on Réunion in the mid-17th century. In this musical road movie, the filmmakers and a local opera ensemble go in search of traces of these first settlers. They rely not just on the results of historical research, but also on oral traditions that they are told during their journey. Their research finally leads them to where it all began: southern Madagascar. Between the walls of the colonial fort, the opera is performed in front of cameras. The newsmagazine Madagascar Music wrote that it was “a captivating film for everyone who loves opera, Madagascar, history, and music.”