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La Khaoufa Baada al´yaoum (No more fear)



Name: La Khaoufa Baada al´yaoum (No more fear)

Country: Tunesien

Year of publication: 2011

Format: DVD

Color: color

Language : OF arab. m.engl. UT

Duration: 74 Minuten

Direction: Ben Cheikh, Mourad

Camera: Bouhlel, Mehdi; Hajji, Lassaad; Nechi, Hatem

Editing: Abdelberi, Imen; Chavance, Pascale


“The revolution is not the result of poverty, but an outcry of despair of a generation of school leavers… It is the revolution of those, which overcame the fear”. So one of the impressive statements in the film, in which political activists look back at their difficult everyday life before the fall of the dictator Ben Ali and speak about their involvement in the protests. This includes the human rights lawyer Radhia Nasraoui, who as well as her husband was imprisoned several times, the blogger Lina Ben Mhenni, who was instrumental in the distribution of reports from the first demonstrations in Sidi Bouzid and the journalist Karem Cherif, who organised night watches against looters. One of the most important achievements of the revolt they all say is “the overcoming of the fear” (“No more fear“).
The film was presented at the festival in Cannes in spring 2011 and has its premier in NRW in Cologne.