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Ilheu de contenda



Name: Ilheu de contenda

Country: Kapverden

Year of publication: 1995

Format: 35 mm

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 110 Minuten

Direction: Lopes, Leão

Screenplay: Fanha, José; Lopes, Leão

Camera: Aboim, João Abel

Editing: Vindevogel, Denise

Sound: Veloso, Francisco

Actor: Lourenço, Joao; Costa, Camacho; Ferrer, Filipe; Alves, Fernanda


Cape Verde, 1964. At the feet of a mighty volcano, the traditional Cape Verdean society is undergoing a steady change. The old land-owning aristocracy is disintegrating. A class of "mulattos" begins to emerge, with a trade-based financial power that threatens the landlords. A new identity arises, a mix of old and new, of African and Portuguese culture, sensual and dynamic. The songs of Cesária Évora follow this inevitable transformation.