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Name: Hopeville

Country: Südafrika

Year of publication: 2010

Format: BetaCam

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 93 Minuten

Direction: Trengove, John

Screenplay: Rowe, Michelle

Camera: Nel, Willie; Mulaudzi, Jo

Editing: Bosch, Karyn; Botha, Jan; Fahey-Goldsmith, Bridgette

Sound: Mhlongo, Humble

Actor: Abrahams, Jody; Dube, Desmond; Khumalo, Leleti; Mokoena, Fana; Ndaba, Themba; Pheto, Terry; Pienaar, Jonathan; Rossouw, Wilmien


Hopeville tells the story of Amos, a reformed alcoholic on a mission to forge a relationship with his estranged son, Themba. When father and son arrive in the dusty town of Hopeville, they discover a mean little community where apathy, fear and  uspicion are the order of the day. When Amos decides to restore the public swimming pool so that his son can purse a swimming career, he is met with skepticism and resistance from the town‘s authorities and its inhabitants. Through patience, determination  and above all courage, Amos‘ selfless acts ripples through Hopeville, inspiring others to take action and to do what they know is right. Slowly but surely, good ripples through Hopeville, transforming the town and its inhabitant for good.
The story of the film was inspired by a pupular TV serieas. Due to its cast of famous actors it was disributed with 43 digital copies to cinemas in South Africa. At the FESPACO in Ouagadougou it won the frice for best TV film, in South Africa it was awarded best camera, best editing and best music.