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Guimba - Un Tyran, une Epoque



Name: Guimba - Un Tyran, une Epoque

Country: Mali

Year of publication: 1993

Format: 16 mm

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 93 Minuten

Direction: Sissoko, Cheick Oumar

Screenplay: Sissoko, Cheick Oumar

Camera: Cousin, Lionel

Editing: Attia, Kahéna; Dufour, Joëlle

Sound: Boissau, Martin

Actor: Coulibaly, Fatoumata; Traoré, Fabola Issa; Diallo, Lamine; Maiga, Mouneissa


Sitakili, a Sahara desert town, lives under the dictatorship of one man, Guimba Dunbaya, and his son Janguine. Kani Coulibaly has been engaged to Janguine since birth. Now a beautiful young woman, many are those who would court her. Yet no suitor dares come out in the open, such is Guimba`s reign of terror. During a courtesy visit to Kani, Janguine falls for Meya, his fiancée`s mother, and wants to marry her. To satisfy his son`s whim, Guimba banishes Mambi, Meya`s husband. Mabi takes refuge in a village of hunters and organises an uprising against the tyrant...