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Country: Südafrika, UK

Year of publication: 2014

Format: digital; DCP

Color: color

Language : OF m. dt. UT

Duration: 76 Minuten

Direction: McKenzie, Carey

Screenplay: McKenzie, Carey

Camera: Daly, Shane

Editing: Arnold, Mags; Kaganof, Aryan

Actor: Kgoroge, Tony; Mokoena, Fana; Yu, Nan; Lotz, Deon

Guest: McKenzie, Carey


In the opening scene of COLD HARBOUR, the body of a Chinese man washes up on a Cape Town beach. The policeman responsible for the district, Sizwe Miya, sees the case as an opportunity to prove himself and to push for the promotion and pay rise that he has long been hoping for. He finds out that the murder is connected to the illegal fishing of valuable abalone sea snails, which the Chinese call "white gold".
This gripping thriller takes a look at the abalone crime racket worth millions of dollars that is run by mafia gangs off the coast of South Africa.
Main actor Tony Kgoroge won the main prize as Best Actor at Durban International Film Festival for his role as the policeman. 
The film was screened at countless festivals outside South Africa, including those in Tunis and Oslo, and the SISTERS IN AFRICAN CINEMA project will see it premiere in Germany, with screenings in several cities.