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C'est eux les chiens



Name: C'est eux les chiens

Country: Marokko

Year of publication: 2013

Format: DCP

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 85 Minuten

Direction: Lasri, Hicham

Screenplay: Lasri, Hicham

Camera: Benjelloun, Ali

Editing: Baraka, Safaa

Sound: Elkhayat, Aissam

Actor: Ben Badida, Hassan; El Fouandi, Yahya; Fijjaj, Imad


A television crew is filming a report on the social movements in Morocco over the course of the “Arab Spring”. The journalists film demonstrators protesting against rising prices. The situation on the streets of Casablanca is confusing and sometimes anarchic, and the TV crew must content with police officers and petty criminals. Then, a man named Majhoul shows up, who appears to be lost and confused amidst all the chaos. Yet the crew suspects the potential for a story and they throw themselves on the trail. The dramatic story that he tells them leads back to 1981, when Morocco was in the midst of “bread riots” and  shaken by a brutal wave of arrests. A film with a surreal air, shot from the TV reporter’s perspective, about a man in no man’s land, between past and future. Hassan Ben Badida’s outstanding portrayal of Majhoul has received considerable acclaim. It is a bitterly sarcastic commentary on political repression in Morocco, as well as the sensationalistic journalism of the censored mainstream media.

The film was honoured at the 2013 “Festival de Cine Africano” in Cordoba as the best feature film. It was produced by Nabil Ayouch.