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Name: Afrikaaps

Country: Südafrika

Year of publication: 2010

Format: Blu-ray

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 52 Minuten

Direction: Valley, Dylan

Screenplay: Valley, Dylan; Shamis, Khalid

Camera: Valley, Dylan

Editing: Shamis, Khalid

Actor: Jitsvinger Shepard, Kyle; Louw, Jethro


Afrikaans is widely perceived to be a ‘white‘ language and is often with the oppressive apartheid regime. Afrikaans actually developed as a bridging language between the Dutch settlers, the original Khoi San indigenous inhabitants of the Cape and the slave population who were brought to the region. Although it is a very subtle name change, Afrikaaps represents the liberation of Afrikaans from the negative stigma still associated with the language. Afrikaaps is part of a bigger movement of efforts in South Africa to reclaim the Afrikaans language for all who speak it. The Documentary Afrikaaps shows the creative process and obstacles bound to the hiphopera Afrikaaps. It is about the development of Afrikaans and Afrikaaps with a wide range of music and underscored with documentary video and inter- views.
The film was awarded Best SA Documentary Award at the Cape Wineland Festival 2011 and reveived the “Diritto di Pa- rola” Award at the Babel Film Festival, Italy, 2011.