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Name: Manmoutech

Country: Tunesien, Frankreich, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

Year of publication: 2012

Format: 35 mm

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 105 Minuten

Direction: Bouzid, Nouri

Camera: Mahbouli, Bechir

Editing: Ben Salem, Saief

Sound: Ben Said, Michel

Actor: Lotfi, Abdelli; Fathi, Messelmani; El Aloui, Bahram; Ben Amara, Souhir; Mziou, Nour


Very involved in the events that shook Tunisia in January 2011,two girls will face the burdens of their families. Solidarity and accomplices, including in the bakery where they work, they will have to assert their desire for emancipation and impose their own requirements for their families and their fiancés. The experience of Zeineb an Aicha resonates as a metaphor for all the uncertainties about the country’s political future. Bouzid does not spare anyone in depicting the tension, violence and sorrow as a result of the revolution. He himself takes on the role of a blind accordionist, who touches our hearts with his songs, and leaves us longing for peace in our world.