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Name: Lumumba

Country: Frankreich; Belgien; Haiti; Deutschland; Kongo

Year of publication: 2000

Format: 35mm, VHS, DVD

Color: color

Language : OF franz. m. dt. UT

Duration: 112 Minuten

Direction: Peck, Raoul

Screenplay: Bonitzer, Pascal; Peck, Raoul

Camera: Lutic, Bernard

Sound: Laforce, Jean-Pierre

Actor: Ebouaney, Eriq; Descas, Alex; Sowie, Théophile Moussa; Kotto, Maka; Kabongo, Dieudonné; Debaar, André


Political thriller about the life and death of Patrice Lumumba, a beacon of hope for the whole of Africa, and about the responsibility of western secret services, the UN and the former colonial power of Belgium for his assassination in 1961 – in Africa a cult film, which is still relevant today.