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Les Massacres de Sétif, un certain 8. Mai 1945



Name: Les Massacres de Sétif, un certain 8. Mai 1945

Country: Frankreich; Algerien

Year of publication: 2003

Format: DVD

Color: color

Language : OF m. dt. UT

Duration: 53 Minuten

Direction: Lallaoui, Mehdi; Langlois, Bernard

Camera: Ochronowicz, Igor; Zeghouda, Brahim; Hammami, Amar

Editing: Godeau, Corinne

Sound: Kayler, Stéphane; Osmani, Hamid


LES MASSACRES DE SÉTIF, UN CERTAIN 8. MAI 1945 uses rarely seen archive material and moving contemporary witness statements to document the dramatic events in Algeria around the 8th of May 1945. When a few Algerians waved independence movement flags while taking part in a parade to celebrate the end of the war in the small town of Sétif, French settlers fired shots into the crowd. This sparked a revolt throughout the Algerian coastal region with locals being massacred by French military and the French Foreign Legion.