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A gulf between us



Name: A gulf between us

Country: Ägypten; Großbritannien

Year of publication: 1994

Format: 16 mm

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 41 Minuten

Direction: El Hagar, Khaled

Screenplay: El Hagar, Khaled

Camera: Pichardo, Nestor Calvo

Editing: Swan, Prisca

Actor: El Hagar, Khaled; Hirsch, Sarah; Pravda, Hana Maria; Posner, Ruth


El Hagars graduation film set in 1991 London during the Gulf War caused an uproar in the Egyptian press when it was shown in Cairo in 1995. Khaled, who not only directed, but also starred in the film, was accused of promoting normalisation with Israel and could not return to Egypt until 2003.