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Aïda Souka



Name: Aïda Souka

Country: Senegal

Year of publication: 1992

Color: color

Language : OF m. franz. UT

Duration: 16 Minuten

Direction: Wade, Mansour Sora

Camera: Larrieu, Pierre-Olivier; Lubliner, Philippe

Editing: Billette, Christian; Petrich, Isabelle

Actor: Diop, Ngoné


A soothing film about African sexuality and traditional ‘devices’ of African women to seduce their men When beautiful Fanta, who only wears Western clothes, realizes that her husband only has eyes for traditional Senegalese women, she is advised to go and talk to the titular Aida. Aida is a wise to the way of the world and holds in depth knowledge of old Sengalese custom and tradition especially as it concerns affairs if the heart and sexual behaviour. This woman soon reintroduces Fanta to the essential secrets of her own African sexuality in a witty, sensual and subtly anti-Western tale. Mildly humourous and bursting with Senegalese rhythm and beat.