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Name: Adanggaman

Country: Elfenbeinküste

Year of publication: 2000

Format: 35 mm

Color: color

Language : OF m. engl. UT

Duration: 90 Minuten

Direction: M'Bala, Roger Gnoan

Screenplay: M'Bala, Roger Gnoan; Adiaffi, Jean-Marie; Akaffou, Bertin; Pellet, Christophe

Camera: Soudani, Mohammed

Editing: Goux, Monica

Sound: Fénié, Jean-Pierre

Actor: Ouedraogo, Rasmane; N`Guessan, Albertine; Bi, Ziable Honoré Goore


The 17th century: By some miracle an African village seems to have escaped from the slave raids of the powerful King Adanggaman, a tyrant and slaver with a thirst for gold, power, rum and baubles. Old N`go, who heads his household with authority and according to the caste tradition, tries to make his son Ossei marry a young girl from a rich family. Ossei refuses to obey his father and picks Mawa to be his wife. One night, at the height of the family conflict, Ossei leaves the village. This is the moment when the Amazons of the tyrant slaver Adanggaman decide to carry out a treacherous raid, putting to fire and sword the village and capturing men, women and children.